What is Eye surgery?

Eye plastic surgery is divided into two types: double eyelid surgery, which makes the eyes larger and clearer, and anti-aging surgery. In order to complete beautiful eyes and maximize the effect, double eyelid surgery, ptosis correction, canthoplasty and transconjunctival fat repositioning can be performed together as needed. Anti-aging eye surgery includes endoscopic forehead lift, subbrow lift, upper blepheroplasty, and lower blepheroplasty(undereye bag correction).

Braun doctors are a board-certified plastic surgeons in Seoul, South Korea. They are skilled and experienced doctor with good reputation in Korea.

Summary of the Revision Double Eyelid Surgery

  • Operation time

    40 minutes to an hour

  • Admission

    No admission

  • No. of visits


  • Anesthesia

    IV sedation + Local anesthesia

  • Suture removal

    5th~7th day

  • Recovery time (period of stay)

    5~8 days

Eye Revision Surgery that Demands More Thought and Effort Than the First Procedure

Although eye surgery was developed to create more attractive eyes, there are instances when revision surgery is required due to aesthetic or functional failure. There are several reasons why eye surgery fails, including side effects, dissatisfaction with the shape, and loosening of the double eyelids.

It is critical to correctly identify the cause of revision. Because everyone's eye opening muscle strength, skin thickness, pupil position, and corner of the eye angle differs, precise and meticulous analysis and delicate surgery tailored to each person's face is required.

Types of eyes that need revision surgery

To create cool and natural eyes, surgery is performed to restore the original horizontal length of the eyes by removing the Mongolian fold, which is the cause of crowded eyes.

If the fat was not thoroughly removed during surgery or if the double eyelid crease is too thick

If the double eyelid crease is too far up

If the double eyelid crease is too thin

Uneven double eyelids

Double eyelid loosening after surgery (recurrence)

Eyes that look small after surgery because the ptosis was not corrected

If there are scars visible after surgery

If the eyes are unable to close due to over-correction

Aesthetically unsatisfied with the result(dissatisfied)

Revision Surgery, When is the Best Time to Do It?

Eye plastic surgery that greatly varies from person to person.

The right timing of the reoperation is crucial. Braun decides on the timing of eye revision after a detailed pre-examination six months to a year after the adhesion of the first surgery disappears and the tissue in the eye stabilizes, because the duration varies depending on the patient's condition.

Braun's Revision Eye Surgery, Which Recreates Beautiful Eyes

1. Crease correction with a custom design that identifies the overall balance tailored to the characteristics of each individual

2. Delicate diagnosis and correction of failed factors such as tissue damage, scars, and eye structures caused by primary surgery

3. Minimized tissue damage through minimal removal performed by a skilled specialist

4. Analyze the current situation accurately and perform the best possible eye correction procedure.



Instead of simply creating double eyelids, eye surgery should take into account the overall harmony of the face and eyes, as well as the unique image of each individual. Braun Plastic Surgery improves patient satisfaction by taking into account the harmony of the shape of the eyes and the overall face using various surgical methods such as double eyelid surgery, canthoplasty, and fat repositioning in the eyes.



You can decide whether or not to undergo revision surgery after considering factors such as skin margin, eye structure, tissue damage, and so on. 

Revision surgery is more difficult because the structures and tissues of the eyelids have already been damaged. Therefore, it is recommended to undergo surgery after consultation with a highly skilled specialist. 

As the swelling subsides following surgery, the double eyelid crease may look uneven. If there is still asymmetry after the swelling has gone down, it can be corrected using a variety of techniques.
Most of the time, only one eye needs to be corrected again for burial methods, but in cases of incision surgery, it is advised to repeat surgery on both sides. 

Revision surgery does not cause severe pain or swelling. In fact, swelling or pain is determined by the individual's condition. 


Publication in World-Renowned Plastic Surgery Journal



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*Complications such as bleeding, infection or inflammation may occur following the surgery, and individual satisfaction may differ: please consult with your surgeon.
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