What is Facial Contouring

Facial contouring surgery modifies the shape, length, and ratio of the face by adjusting the face's bony structure. It can also correct asymmetry and facial disharmony without bite adjustment.

Facial contouring surgery includes cheekbone reduction, square jaw reduction and genioplasty. Depending on the patient’s facial features, and conditions, Facial liposuction, facelift, and sunken cheek correction are the procedures that may be recommended with facial contouring surgery to create a synergistic effect.

Braun doctors are a board-certified plastic surgeons in Seoul, South Korea.
They are skilled and experienced doctor with good reputation in Korea.

Summary of the Cheekbone Reduction

  • Operation time

    Around 40 ~ 50 minutes

  • Admission

    No admission

  • No. of visits

    2–3 visits

  • Anesthesia

    General anesthesia

  • Suture removal

    5th, 10th~14th day

  • Recovery time (period of stay)

    7~14 days

What is Cheekbone Reduction Surgery?

Having large, wide, pronounced cheekbones can give a person a strong impression, and an older appearance. Cheekbone reduction surgery involves removing a portion of the protruding cheekbone and reattaching it with titanium screws and plates. Cheekbone reduction surgery is the most difficult of all facial contouring surgeries.

Unlike the jaw, the cheekbones are relatively small, fragile, and thin. They also receive the most force among all the facial bones, so nonunion is likely to occur if they are not firmly fixed.

Furthermore, if the dissection is excessive, or the shape of the bone is cut incorrectly, or the position or method of fixing the screw is incorrect, skin sagging or sunken cheeks can occur. In cheekbone reduction surgery, the doctor's ability to effectively reduce the entire cheekbone and firmly fix it without nonunion, prevent skin sagging, and correct sunken cheeks is extremely important.

Surgical Procedure

Incision site

2cm along the sideburn, inside the mouth

Surgery method

     1. The general ineffective method


Non-fixed surgical method

It is a method of reducing cheekbones by pushing them in or shaving them while cutting only a portion of them without completely removing the cheekbones, and it has no effect at all.


L-shaped osteotomy cheekbone reduction

After an L-shaped osteotomy, the cheekbones are pushed and fixed. Because the amount of cheekbones cut is only 1mm to 2mm, there is no reduction effect, and saggy cheeks or cheek dents may occur.

Braun's cheekbone reduction surgery method (Lifting cheekbone rotation)


Osteotomy on the side of the cheekbones


The inner side of the frontal cheekbones is removed in a trapezoidal shape.


To bring the excised edges of the bones into close contact, the remaining cheekbones are moved inwards, upwards, and backwards.


Both the front and back are securely fixed with titanium screws and plates.

Recovery Process


How is Braun's Surgical Method Different from General Surgical Methods?

The front, 45-degree, and side cheekbones make up the majority of the cheekbones. The basic idea of cheekbone reduction surgery is to reduce the cheekbone through removing a portion of the cheekbone and making fixation. The L-shaped osteotomy method currently used in the most of hospitals removes only 1mm to 2 mm of bone from the outer part of the 45-degree cheekbones. The reduction effect of L-shaped osteotomy method is very minimal. As a result, the 45-degree cheekbones will still remain protruding, flat, elongated, with saggy skin after surgery.

After years of research, and gained knowledge of surgery, Dr.Kim Tae-Gyu, the chief of Braun plastic surgery invented his own method in 2010 called the 3D Rotation-Lifting Cheek Bone Reduction surgery that improves the complications and the limitations of the existing L-shaped osteotomy.

Braun's 3D rotation-lifting cheekbone reduction, on the other hand, excises the inner part of the 45-degree cheekbones in a trapezoidal shape by 5mm to 10mm, effectively reducing the entire cheekbone including the 45-degree cheekbone and enhancing the volume of the anterior cheekbones. Furthermore, skin sagging can be avoided or minimized by lifting and fixing the cheekbones, retaining ligaments, and muscles upward.

Dr.Kim Tae-Gyu has published a thesis on his 3D lotation-lifting cheekbone reduction surgery in the most prestigious international medical journal called “The Journal of Craniofacial Surgery”, and has been recognized at international plastic surgery conferences and has won several academic awards.

The amount of Braun’s cheekbone reduction



What are Sunken Cheeks?

Sunken cheeks are the unnatural hollow between the cheekbone and jaw. Sunken cheeks make the face appear dark and old, and rugged. They are caused by adhesion between the subcutaneous layer and the SMAS(superficial musculo-aponeurotic system) layer of the cheek area.

Braun plastic surgery clinic performs cheekbone reduction surgery and sunken cheek correction at the same time.

To undergo with operation without scarring, a special tool is used to separate the adhesion between the SMAS layer and the subcutaneous layer without fat grafts or filler injections. be corrected permanently without sagging skin.

Prevention of Skin Sagging After Cheekbone Reduction Surgery

Skin sagging around the upper nasolabial folds and sunken cheeks may occur after the cheekbone reduction surgery. The 3D rotation-lifting cheekbone reduction surgery of Braun Plastic Surgery Clinic can prevent, or reduce skin sagging by lifting the cheekbones, retaining ligaments, and muscles upward.

Sagging skin should not be a concern if a person has good skin elasticity, minimal amount of skin tissue on the face, and a soft curved face.

However, if the nasolabial folds are already deep prior to the operation along with severely sunken cheeks, it is recommended to get a cheekbone reduction surgery with a face lift at the same time because the skin may possibly sag more after the cheekbone reduction surgery.

Candidates for Cheekbone Reduction Surgery

  • 체크아이콘 If you have large, developed cheekbones
  • 체크아이콘 If your midface is long, wide and flat
  • 체크아이콘 If you have severe asymmetry in the cheekbones
  • 체크아이콘 If your cheekbone is severely curved
  • 체크아이콘 If you want a smaller/slimmer face



Braun Plastic Surgery uses a surgical technique that moves and fixes the cheekbone on the higher position. Therefore, the sagging skin can be prevented as the tissue will be following the bone position. But if your skin is saggy even before the surgery or the elasticity is not good already, facelift might be recommended along with facial contouring surgery (cheekbone reduction).  

Any dental treatments are not related to facial contouring surgery. But you might not able to have dental treatment for 2~3months after the bone surgery since you cannot open your mouth very wide for 2~3months after the surgery. 

Avoid eating solid food for 1~2 months. 

After visiting the hospital, a thorough checkup can confirm whether you can combine surgeries or not. 

We advise to avoid eating chewy food, having extreme sports for 2months. 

Titanium pins are a type ofsafe metal commonly used in implants and is also used to repair broken 

We advise staying in Korea for 13 days to ensure complete recovery. However, if you cannot stay for 13 days and it is okay for you to remove the rest of the stitches in a medical facility back home, you can depart Korea 7 days after the operation. 

After surgery, you can typically resume your normal activities 1~2 weeks after surgery. We advise staying away from extreme sports for 1~2 months. 

You might have discomfort opening the mouth very wide for 2~3months. But you won't have problem eating soft food after surgery. 

There will be only short incision near the sideburn about 2cm. This incision will be nearly invisible overtime. The rest incisions will be inside of mouth.


Braun’s Facial Contouring Surgery Performed by Chief Dr. Kim, Tae-Gyu

All of Brauns facial contouring surgeries are performed by Chief Dr. Kim Tae-Gyu Dr. Kim Tae-Gyu developed and received a patent for Braun's signature surgical techniques, the inverted v-shaped osteotomy and the 3D lifting cheekbone surgery, which are more effective and safer.

Publication in World-Renowned Plastic Surgery Journal
  • 2019 PRS KOREA 2019 Korean Plastic Surgery International Conference

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    Presentation by Chief Dr. Kim Tae-gyu at the Craniofacial Session 8 on "The Clinical Study of Lateral Fixation in Reduction Malarplasty."

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    Presentation on "Cheek bone Revision Surgery Using Cheekbone Resection" and "Chin Tip Revision Surgery Using inverted V-shapeosteotomy." by Kim Tae-gyu, Chief Doctor of the Facial Contouring Department.

  • 2016 JCS (Journal of Craniofacial Surgery)

    Chief Dr. KimTae-gyupresenting his research thesis on "Lifting 3D Cheekbone Rotation Surgery."

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  • 2013-2015 Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Global Open

    Chief Dr. Kim Taegyu, published a research paper on "V-line jaw surgery using inverted V-shape osteotomy (reverse V-line)"

2019 Korean Plastic Surgery International Conference

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Obtained service mark from the Korean intellectual Property Office Inverted V-shape osteotomy developed by Chief Dr. Tae-gyu Kim

  • Service slip registration certificate

  • G osteotomy

  • Deep cheekbones

  • Deep ball square jaw

  • Contour of the face of the deep cheek

  • Square jaw surgery on the corner of the mouth

  • Reduction of the corner of the mouth

*Complications such as bleeding, infection or inflammation may occur following the surgery, and individual satisfaction may differ: please consult with your surgeon.
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