What is Anti-Aging Surgery?

Anti-aging is the process of creating a resilient and beautiful face by taking into account factors like the individual's face shape, skin aging, facial expression, and fat distribution.

Representative anti-aging surgeries include facial contouring, face lift, thread lift, upper blepharoplasty, lower blepharoplasty, trans conjunctival fat repositioning, endoscopic forehead lift, liposuction and fat transfer.

Braun doctors are a board-certified plastic surgeons in Seoul, South Korea. They are skilled and experienced doctor with good reputation in Korea.

Summary of the Thread Lift

  • Operation time


  • Admission

    No admission

  • No. of visits

    1 visit

  • Anesthesia

    IV sedation + Local anesthesia

  • Suture removal

    5th day

  • Recovery time (period of stay)

    7 days

What is a Thread Lift?

Thread lift, sometimes referred to as a “lunchtime lift,” is a minimal invasive procedure that tightens the skin on face and neck using absorbable, barbed sutures. It is a non-surgical method to improve wrinkles and skin elasticity. The procedure takes about 30 minutes under IV sedation with local anesthesia.

A thread lift works in two ways. First, the skin is pulled upwards immediately after the procedure by holding it in new position with barbed sutures. Second, the threads stimulate to make more collagen, so increased elasticity of the skin is maintained for several months or years.

During the consultation, you can select the thread that best suits you. Depending on the type of thread, you can select one that is effective for skin regeneration and elasticity, and which improves sagging skin and wrinkles.

Surgical Procedure

Incision site

Non-incision, only entry points

Surgery method

Identify the areas that are sagging or need improvement, and then determine the best type of thread and lifting direction based on the patient's skin condition.

Next, insert the threads from the line in front of the ear and the hairline to the point where lifting is required, such as the nasolabial fold and jowl, and so on, making sure that the thread projections catch well on the skin. The protruding thread is removed, and the entry point is disinfected and completed.

Areas Where Thread Lifting is Possible

  • # Cheek
  • # Nasolabial fold
  • # Jowls and jawline
  • # Double chin
  • # Forehead and brow line
  • # Under-eye area

Various Types of Lifting Threads – Mint PDO

Mint PDO threads have molded barbs around the threads in a unique 360-degree pattern. This design enables the molded barbs to hold on to the tissues from all directions. It is primarily used to lift the cheeks, nasolabial folds, and double chin.

Because it is a melting thread approved by the FDA and KFDA, you can safely receive the procedure without fear of any foreign body sensation. The Mint thread has a maintenance period of about 1 to 2 years with strong results, and the procedure immediately produces the effect.

Various Types of Lifting Threads – Elasticum

Elasticum is a silicone suturing thread that is sheathed in polyester. It has many advantages, including high elasticity, stable tissue bonding, and quick recovery.

Furthermore, because of contraction and release in response to muscle movement, it can provide a more natural lifting effect. It has a longer maintenance period than other threads, so it has a semi-permanent effect. It can be used to lift the jawline, neck, and double chin.

Various Types of Lifting Threads – Silhouette Soft

Patented PLLA threads with bidirectional cone technology will pull up the sagging skin. In addition, the PLLA is absorbed over the time and forms a collagen framework beneath the skin, resulting in long-term and youthful regeneration.

Because it is a Cone-shaped material, it can pull up larger areas of skin than other type of threads and has fewer chances of causing irritation, allowing it to bring out natural facial expressions.

What Distinguishes Braun's Thread Lift Surgery from Other General Thread Lifts?

Braun Plastic Surgery Clinic uses continuous research and extensive experience on the face to perform detailed thread lifting procedures that take into account the individual facial structures and facial muscles.

Because the insertion technique is customized to the exact depth of concern area, the facial expression is natural and lasts a long time. Furthermore, because the procedure is relatively quick, there is no need to be concerned about side effects such as swelling, bruising, or tissue damage.

Also, by selecting threads based on the characteristics of wrinkles in each area, you can achieve long-lasting results and prevent relapse by increasing skin regeneration and elasticity.

Candidates for Braun’s Thread Lift

  • 체크아이콘 If you want a non-surgical solution to wrinkles and skin sagging
  • 체크아이콘 If you have an undefined jawline or a severe double chin
  • 체크아이콘 If you are worried about deep nasolabial folds
  • 체크아이콘 If you want to return to a more resilient and youthful face
  • 체크아이콘 If you want to recover quickly and achieve natural lifting results



Yes, if you use dissolving threads, almost all of it will dissolve. The thread used for thread lifting is made of PDO, a biodegradable material that dissolves almost completely after 6 months to a year of application to the skin. Even minuscule traces will dissipate over time, so you don't have to be concerned about harmful or residual substances in your body. 

- If you experience a tightening sensation after the procedure, this is a normal occurrence caused by the movement of the thread against the tissue.In this case, you shouldn't be too concerned because the sensation will fade over time. 

- Simply put, dimpling is a condition in which the skin appears saggy or bumpy.
This is a side effect of the thread becoming shallowly entangled on the skin.
If this occurs, you can go to the hospital and have it resolved with a massage, so don't be too concerned and consult a specialist to have it resolved. 

Thread lift surgery at Braun Plastic Surgery is performed under IV sedation. You may experience a foreign body sensation or discomfort for 5 to 7 days following the procedure, but this is a natural occurrence that will fade over time. 

Because regeneration tape is attached to the treated area, you can wash your face and apply makeup right away, but you must be cautious for about a week and make sure to avoid contact of water since water can irritate the wound. 


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*Complications such as bleeding, infection or inflammation may occur following the surgery, and individual satisfaction may differ: please consult with your surgeon.
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