What is Facial Feminization?

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) refers to a group of procedures that transform somewhat masculine facial features. There are noticeable differences between male and female facial features. Transforming a masculine face into a feminine one while preserving its innate beauty requires a specialist with the expertise, tailored approach, aesthetic sensibility, and an understanding of the patient's distinct features.

Additionally, facial feminization surgery is not limited to transgender individuals; it is also sought by women interested in reducing their masculine features or achieving a more feminine appearance. Feminization surgery includes facial contouring, forehead reduction, rhinoplasty, fat grafting, and epicanthoplasty.

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Summary of the Facial Feminization

  • Operation time

    1 to 5 hours (according to the surgery plan)

  • Admission

    1 day admission

  • No. of visits

    1-4 visits

  • Anesthesia

    IV sedation or General anesthesia

  • Suture removal

    5th~11th day

  • Recovery time (period of stay)

    7~13 days

Feminine Beauty Ideal Traits

A masculine face typically features prominent angles in areas like the forehead, cheekbones, nose, and chin. To achieve a more feminine look, it's essential to create a softer and more delicate facial contour. This transformation involves various surgical procedures.

Braun’s Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) is designed to enhance femininity while preserving each individual's unique charm. Our skilled and experienced specialists work closely with patients to understand their goals and preferences. We then develop a personalized surgical plan tailored to the patient's specific anatomical characteristics and overall physical composition. This approach ensures that the desired results are achieved harmoniously and in line with the patient's vision.

Face Contouring (Cheekbone reduction, Jaw angle reduction, Genioplasty)

It transforms prominent masculine features characterized by strong angles into softer, more feminine lines that emphasize volume and curvature.



Forehead Lift (Brow Lift)

Female brows tend to be positioned slightly higher above the eye's orbital bone, creating an elegant and lifted appearance. In contrast, male brows often appear heavier, straighter, and closer to the eyes. To achieve a more harmonious and feminine facial appearance, forehead lift is commonly performed. These procedures aim to reduce wide foreheads and elevate the brows, aligning them with feminine aesthetics.


When facelift is combined with facial contouring surgery, they contribute to the creation of a more defined facial contour and a more feminine face shape. This combination of procedures can lead to a comprehensive transformation in overall facial harmony and appearance.







Eye Surgery (Double eyelids, Epicanthoplasty, Ptosis correction surgery)

The eyes play a crucial role in shaping a person's expression and overall appearance. Masculine eyes tend to be deeper set, appearing narrower and more closed, whereas feminine eyes are often characterized by a more open and larger appearance. To achieve a more feminine look, various eye surgeries can be employed to transform the eyes into a larger and more beautiful shape, enhancing the overall facial aesthetics.



Cat-Eyes (Almond eyes) Surgery procedure

Cat eye surgery is a procedure that extends the eyelids and lifts the outer corners of the eyes, creating an alluring, feline-like appearance. This involves shortening the eyelid's levator muscle, lifting the outer canthus (corner of the eye), and removing excess brow skin to achieve the desired look.


A masculine nose is broad and long, whereas a feminine nose is narrow and curved. Various nose procedures can be performed to create a beautiful nose line that complements the patients face and features. A masculine nose typically extends in a straight line from the forehead to the tip of the nose, whereas a feminine nose is curved, with the tip of the nose slightly raised in the middle of a straight line and a half-curved line.

The Ideal nose angle for women

01 The glabella to the bridge of the nose should be between 120 to 140 degrees.

02 The tip of the nose to the philtrum should be between 95 to 110 degrees.

The ideal nose angle for men

01 The glabella to the bridge of the nose should be between 140 to 150 degrees.

02 The tip of the nose to the philtrum should be between 90 to 105 degrees.

Fat Grafting

(forehead, cheeks, lips, temples, etc.)

Fat grafting in facial feminization is the process of injecting fat into specific areas of the face to enhance volume and achieve softer, more feminine facial features. This procedure is often used to enhance cheeks, lips, jaw contours, temples, and foreheads as part of the facial feminization process. It provides a natural and long-lasting solution, using the patient's own fat.

Candidates for Facial Feminization Surgery

  • 체크아이콘 If you have bold features and want a more softer look
  • 체크아이콘 If you have a masculine face shape and want it to look more feminine
  • 체크아이콘 If you have a masculine-looking hooked nose or a wide nose and want to look more feminine
  • 체크아이콘 If you want your eyes to look more feminine
  • 체크아이콘 If you want a harmonious face



It is important that the surgeon is an experienced facial feminization specialist who fully understands the patient's desires. 

All surgeries carry the risk of swelling, scarring, infection, and bleeding. This may differ depending on the patient's physical condition and post-surgery care.However, if the surgery is decided after extensive consultation with an experienced specialist, the risk of side effects is greatly reduced. 

No, the 3D simulation scan will not be an accurate scanning since it will not be able to scan the thickness of the bone and skin. 

With every surgery, light walking for minimum of 30 minutes is recommended after a day or two from surgery. This is very beneficial in terms of minimizing swelling. 

Although the surgery is permanent, aging cannot be stopped, so changes such as skin sagging may occur. 

It depends on each patient's condition and concerns, but in general, if you have a wide forehead, a forehead reduction surgery to lower the hairline is recommended. 

The intensity of pain varies by individual, but the majority of patients experience minor discomfort, such as a foreign body sensation, rather than severe pain. In addition, the clinic will prescribe pain medication to help dilute the pain. However, if you are experiencing excruciating pain and discomfort, you must contact us and consult with a specialist. 

Since female hormones can cause bleeding, they should be avoided for at least two weeks before surgery. If it's been about four weeks since you last took it, you can proceed with the operation, but you must notify the specialist and the head of the counseling office before the procedure. (Different answer) 


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*Complications such as bleeding, infection or inflammation may occur following the surgery, and individual satisfaction may differ: please consult with your surgeon.
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