Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this FAQ helps answer some of your questions! Please remember that plastic surgery procedures should always be performed with a good understanding between patient and doctor of realistic expectations, and with an emphasis on safety

That is your preference. Bringing a guardian maybe beneficial for you since you may feel less anxious, or nervous. However, there are still a lot of patients who travel alone to get surgeries done and they travel back safely once they finish everything. 

We accept cash, credit card, and bank transfer. Payment will be done prior to surgery. We do not provide a payment plan. 

Yes, you should not have any problems with going on a plane after your surgeries. 

It will depend on the procedures you will have. You can eat as usual if you didn't get a procedure making an incision inside of mouth such as facial contouring surgery.

For facial contouring surgery, you will have to go on liquid diet for 1~2weeks.

We do not provide imagined photos since the imagined result is not realistic.

We currently provide a detailed online consultation, free of cost based on your photos across multiple platforms such as Whatsapp, Line, Viber, Instagram, Facebook, and via email. 

Yes, it is okay for you to get multiple surgeries at once. Especially with patients overseas, it is recommended easier to get multiple surgeries at once since you wouldn't have to make more than one trip to get different surgeries. The surgeries will be done after checking if you are you healthy enough to go under multiple surgeries. 

Yes, We provide an English translator for the whole procedures in the clinic.  

Yes, The surgery cost includes surgery, CT scan, physical examination, treatments, and deswelling treatments depending on the procedures. Medication cost 50,000KRW~150,000KRW additionally. 

Depending on the surgery you get, the clinic will run all necessary health checks prior to your surgery. But if you have any medical history, please let us know in advance.

We recommend patients to stay for 8days~14 days depending on the procedures. However, if you have cannot stay for that time period, all post-op treatments, and doctor follow-ups could be arranged accordingly depending on your departure date. 

Upon request, we can arrange a taxi that will take you from the airport to your pre determined destination within Seoul for the surgery booking. We have affiliated accommodations that offer lower prices than when you book it by yourself. So, if you wish to book affiliated accommodations, please let us know in advance during your online consultation.    

*Complications such as bleeding, infection or inflammation may occur following the surgery, and individual satisfaction may differ: please consult with your surgeon.
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